Author: Margaret Wolfe

Loans with bad credit online -Fast internet loans for bad credit

  Do you want to borrow 750 euros quickly within 10 minutes? There is a way to have 750 euros in your account in 10 minutes, without any further hassle! You can always use 750 euros extra money! Do you think borrowing money is a hassle and takes a lot of time and effort? Then Read More

Mortgage interest forecast June 2016

How does the mortgage interest rate develop in June? Read our mortgage interest forecast for this month. In it more about the irons in the ECB’s fire. Extra billions Last month the European Central Bank (ECB) bought up 80 billion euros in bonds for the first time. Previously this was 60 billion. It was one Read More

When does a loan say divided?

While in an undivided loan the capital is lent by a single creditor to a single debtor, in the case of a divided loan (or bond loan) there are many creditors against a single debtor. In fact, the loan whose overall amount is divided into units (ie, in debt securities or bonds) signed by a Read More

Personal Micro Credit

On January 18, 2005 is enacted the Law of Programming for Social Cohesion (LPCS), also called Plan Borloo. At the same time, the Social Cohesion Fund (FCS) is set up to “guarantee for social purposes loans to natural or legal persons and loans to unemployed persons or holders of social minima setting up their business” Read More

Unsecured loan: what is it?

An unsecured loan is defined as a type of loan that does not require collateral (such as the mortgage on a building or a pledge), but only on the applicant’s handwritten signature. This signature therefore represents the only guarantee required to access the loan . The unsecured loan makes it possible to obtain substantial sums Read More

Renovate on your mortgage loan?

Sometimes the renovations will happen immediately upon purchase. That is of course interesting. After all, you only have to take out one loan, the mortgage loan for the purchase and the renovations together. And then you only pay a description fee once. This way you can save several hundred euros. One loan, once mortgage loan Read More

Why the guaranteed investment can cost you money

The word guarantee is magical. It can attract the attention of many people. It is often used in marketing to influence your decision making. Is the word investment guarantee a higher yield? Guarantees can often reduce revenues I’m not a psychologist and I’m not an economist. However, I notice what causes decisions made by people Read More

What does dry loan mean?

A term borrowed from the sports world, and in particular from the trann, there is often the need to avoid long-term investments. sfer market, the dry loan is the formula that allows you to enjoy the performance of a certain asset for a predetermined time. The loaned asset returns to the owner At the base Read More

Personal payday loan next to your mortgage

Taking out a loan in addition to your mortgage can be useful. For example, if you are going to buy a new house and you do not have sufficient resources to finance the buyer costs. Or if you want to renovate your house, a personal payday loan can offer a solution. Read more about the Read More