Month: June 2019

Renovate on your mortgage loan?

Sometimes the renovations will happen immediately upon purchase. That is of course interesting. After all, you only have to take out one loan, the mortgage loan for the purchase and the renovations together. And then you only pay a description fee once. This way you can save several hundred euros. One loan, once mortgage loan Read More

Why the guaranteed investment can cost you money

The word guarantee is magical. It can attract the attention of many people. It is often used in marketing to influence your decision making. Is the word investment guarantee a higher yield? Guarantees can often reduce revenues I’m not a psychologist and I’m not an economist. However, I notice what causes decisions made by people Read More

What does dry loan mean?

A term borrowed from the sports world, and in particular from the trann, there is often the need to avoid long-term investments. sfer market, the dry loan is the formula that allows you to enjoy the performance of a certain asset for a predetermined time. The loaned asset returns to the owner At the base Read More